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Welcome to Apto - Password Reset / Tips 

Thank you for partnering with Apto - we are super excited to have you as a part of our community! In this article you are going to learn how to reset your password as well as tips on password policies to keep you logged in and not locked out. Let’s get started!


Initial Password Set Up

Once you are signed up with Apto, you are going to receive an email with instructions on how to contact Customer Care, a sharefile link to upload your data, and a link to our Welcome page. You are also going to receive a second email with a link to set up your password such as the one below:


Click the link, plug in your username, and create a password. If you get a default security question, this becomes your security question. You can go ahead and plug in any answer and once logged into your account, you will be able to select your own security question, or simply keep the one used to initially log in.


TIPS: We recommend updating your password under your profile once you are logged in. You can access this by clicking on your Profile Pic in the upper right  > click “Settings” > on the right you will see a list under “My Personal Information” > click “Change My Password” - here is where you can update your password and also update and choose security questions. There is a drop down list. See below for reference:



*Another TIP: you always want to type your password manually at first and not Copy & Paste, as this can cause password incorrect issues and will drive you crazy. Trust me, it happens to us as well! 


Resetting Your Password

If you ever forget your password, when you go to login, there is a “Forgot My Password” link to click to initiate a password reset. On the next page you will just need to enter your username and click "Continue". See below for reference:



You are going to receive an email to the email associated with your account. This email is similar to the one you received when you first signed up with Apto. The email includes a link to click to set up a new password. This link expires in 24 hours. Please check your Spam folder if you don’t see it.


TIP: If you do not get an email immediately, try again, and refresh your email. Also, if you receive an email with a link with a “Forgot My Password” link, go ahead and try again. This happens to us everyday, so sometimes you will get caught in a loop. After a couple tries, please reach out to Customer Care and we can take care of this for you. We’ve got your back! 


**IF you are a System Admin and Need to Reset a User's Password**

**System Admins on accounts (if there are more than one user) have the ability to reset passwords for all users on an account. To reset a password for a Broker / Operations team member, navigate to Setup below the Gear Icon > on the left side search “Users” > click on Users > check the box next to the user that needs their password reset > and click “Reset Password(s) above”). You can do multiple passwords at one time. Once this is initiated, their usernames will be displayed on the next page. Please check as they might differ from their email address. 
Check out our video on resetting a user's password here!


Setting Password Policies

You can set different password and login policies based on the type of needs that fit your business. Please keep in mind these policies apply to all user passwords on the account. There are options for how often passwords expire (30, 60, 90, or our favorite, “Never”). You can require a certain length, certain characters, and even force a lock out of 24 hours after the set amount of attempts. This helps add a layer of security and we recommend setting your Password Policies based on your needs. 


**To access Password Policies, click the Gear icon to the left of your Profile in the upper left > click on Settings > on the left hand scroll down and click on “Security” > scroll down and click on “Password Policies.” Make sure to save any changes and remember the requirements you put in place for passwords on your account. See below for reference:


There you have it! We covered setting up your initial password, what to do if you forgot your password, and how to put password policies in place. I hope this helps you stay logged in and not locked out of the Apto platform. And if you do, reach out to us in Customer Care and we will be more than happy to get you back in! 


All the best,

The Apto Customer Care Team

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