Apto Standard Configuration

Basic Security Configurations

Profile Defaults

  • System Administrator:
    • each org must have a System Administrator and is limited to one per fifty licenses
    • will ALWAYS be able to view all/modify all Apto data regardless of sharing settings
    • can perform configuration of the system and import/export data
  • Operations:
    • good for associates/assistants that support multiple brokers and marketing managers
    • has the ability to read/edit/delete all Apto data regardless of sharing settings
  • Broker:
    • has the ability to read/edit all CRM data
    • can view all Pipeline data
    • can edit ‘owned’ Pipeline data
    • sharing settings will apply to this profile

Basic Security Settings

  • Default: Public CRM, Public Deal Pipeline
  • Standard Options:
    • Public CRM
    • Private Pipeline OR Private CRM
    • Private Pipeline (not recommended)
  • Deal Team Sharing: enable to allow deal owner to invite collaboration on pipeline records


Standard Apto Configuration

  • The total number of configurations cannot exceed 25 line items. Those items can include a combination of the below;
    • single or multi select picklists can be configured
    • only standard fields will be configured
    • each page layout change will be counted as a configuration line item

Configurable values

    • Picklist Values
      • creating dependent line 
    • Adding New Fields
      • does not include auto number, formula, roll-up summary, lookup relationships, or fields that carry from one tab (object) to another
    • Modifying Page layouts
      • does not include the creation of record types
      • does not include custom dashboards
    • Configuring the labels(names) of objects(tabs), fields, and record types





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