Create A Property Site to Market Your Listing

In this article, we will discuss how to create create a Property Site using the Broker Tools tab in Apto.

*Please note that in order to use Broker Tools you will need to be on at least Apto v6.7. In order to determine what version of Apto you are using, you can use this article to find it:

How to Find Your Version of Apto

*If you have purchased Apto before April 10th, 2019, please reach out to our Customer Care team at in order to discuss options for adding this service to your account.


How to Access Broker Tools

1. Click the DIALER(app launcher)on the left side. Click on the BROKER TOOLS tab. 

2. If you want to see the tab on your nav bar permanently, click the down arrow on the tab and click ADD TO NAV BAR.


How to Set Up Your Brokerage

1. Once into the broker tools, click on PROPERTY SITES and then SETTINGS. 

2. Enter your personal information here and click CHOOSE FILE TO UPLOAD to add in your head shot. Enter in your brokerage information and click CHOOSE FILE TO UPLOAD to add your team logo.

3. Click UPDATE at the bottom to set this information.

How to Add a Property Site


2. Click into APTO LISTING. Start typing out either the name of a property or a listing. Click on the name as it comes up. The information connected to this property/listing will automatically be filled in.

3. Click CHOOSE FILE TO UPLOAD. Add in a property image. The image cannot be larger than 5 MB. 

4. Add in any additional information you would like to appear on the site. If there is information you would like to include but there is not a placeholder for it, you can include this information under one of the un-utilized headers or in the description.

5. Click CREATE to generate the new site.

View and Edit Property Site

1. Click on VIEW SITE. The micro site will open in a new tab on your browser. 

2. If information is not displaying as you want it to, go back to the PROPERTY SITES section in Broker Tools and click the pencil icon next to the property/listing name. Update the information you wish to change, and click SAVE at the bottom of the edit view. If you wish to delete the site and start over, click and hold on the HOLD TO DELETE button.

3. You can now copy and paste the URL of the microsite into your mass email campaign or share it in a direct message with a client.

View and Collect Prospects

1. After a prospect enters their information into the GET MORE INFORMATION window on the Property Site, a NEW PROSPECT icon will appear on the site tag in Broker Tools.

2. Click VIEW PROSPECTS on the property site tag.

3. You can create a new contact here if you wish and follow up with them.

*Be sure to check if this contact doesn't already exist in your system. If the prospect fills out information that is slightly different than what exists in Apto, this can result in creating a duplicate.





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