Send Email Marketing Campaigns with Mailchimp

In this article, we will discuss how to create a Property Site using the Broker Tools tab in Apto.

*Please note that in order to use Broker Tools you will need to be on at least Apto v6.7. In order to determine what version of Apto you are using, you can use this article to find it:

How to Find Your Version of Apto

*If you have purchased Apto before April 10th, 2019, please reach out to our Customer Care team at in order to discuss options for adding this service to your account.


How to Access Broker Tools

1. Click the DIALER(app launcher)on the left. Click on the BROKER TOOLS tab. 

2. If you want to see the tab on your nav bar permanently, click the down arrow on the tab and click ADD TO NAV BAR.

Create a Template in Mailchimp

*If you do not have a Mailchimp account already, you can create a free one at: Mailchimp

1. Once you have logged in to Mailchimp, create a basic email template by clicking TEMPLATES at the top of the page and clicking CREATE TEMPLATE.

2. For detailed instructions on creating templates visit this Mailchimp help article:

Create a Template

How to Connect With Mailchimp 


2. Enter your Mail Chimp credentials.

Create a Campaign

1. Once you have built your first email template in Mailchimp and connected your account to Apto, Click CREATE A CAMPAIGN.

2. First, choose the Mailchimp template you wish to use.

3. Next, give the campaign a name, and connect a Contact Group. For more information about creating Contact Groups in Apto, please look at this article.

4. Enter in a subject line and all the other information regarding who the campaign is coming from. All of this is required by Mailchimp to create the campaign.

5. Click SAVE at the bottom of the page.

Launch the Campaign

1. When you are ready to send the mass email, you can click LAUNCH CAMPAIGN on the campaign screen.

2. After launching, you can view the details of the campaign and the associated contacts on the sent card.

3. In order to see statistics on the effectiveness of your marketing, you can open Mailchimp and click on CAMPAIGNS at the top.

4. Open the campaign you wish to view, and click VIEW REPORT. The report will give you insights into how many of the people in your list interacted with the email. For more information on campaign analytics, please visit this Mailchimp page.

*If a contact you have emailed clicks the UNSUBSCRIBE button, Mailchimp will no longer send this contact emails. You don't have to worry about removing them from the associated Contact Group. You will, however, have to adjust their contact maintenance from the report in Apto yourself if you wish.


 1. If you receive an error at the bottom of the page that says "GraphQL error: There are invalid fields on the form":

1. Make sure you have a first and last name in the FROM name field.

2. Check the campaign in Mailchimp, and look to see if there are any issues with the template. Mailchimp will show you what needs to be resolved.

3. If all the contacts in your group have UNSUBSCRIBED from Mailchimp, the campaign will not send but will instead be saved as draft. If you add at least one contact to the group that has not unsubscribed and send again, the campaign will go out to that contact.


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