Data Fundamentals (class recording)

Working with the Salesforce Import Wizard, users will learn data loading basics for Contacts, Companies, Properties and Owners for continued success in Apto.

DISCLAIMER: Apto does not recommend that a user perform their own data load due to the intricate relationships between records in the database.

If a user chooses to do a data load, it is recommended that ONLY Companies, Contacts & Properties with Ownership are performed and should only be done once at the start of a new Apto database.

There will be no Customer Care support for data loaded into areas not listed above (Spaces, Pursuits, Listing/Assignments, In Contract, Closed Deals, etc.). Please be aware, that there is minimal duplicate checking and no additional data cleansing while the load is happening. 

A user performing their own data load also forfeits any free/included Data Services once the self service load has been done. If a user needs to have data corrected, deleted and/or reloaded, there will be a minimum $500 charge for Data Services and a user will be put in the data queue for work to be done within the standard two week SLA.

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