Product Round-Up - August 2018


Introducing Apto Brokerage Reports

The easiest way to view your brokerage’s pipeline

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see all the potential gross commissions at one time based on what stage of the pipeline they are in? What about seeing those revenue dollars based on who was responsible for them?

It’s no secret that seeing this type of information is of great value to managers and partners, which is exactly why Apto Brokerage Reports provides brokerages with a content-rich, easy-to-read dashboard that captures all these details. With enhanced clarity into your entire brokerages productivity, you as a manager can now strategically align yourself with where you’re needed most. See it in action in this short video.


Technology helps you win more deals...if you use it

It’s been determined time and time again that technology investment pays off, but only if you use it. We get that. We experience it ourselves as a software company. Admittedly, we’ve adopted some new technology platform only to see it fade out of favor because we failed to use it.

What helps with adoption, though, is visibility. Apto Brokerage Reports provides a rich dashboard full of useful insights about how your team is using the product--everything from number of logins to number of tasks created. Because you can only improve what you measure.


Unlock your market insights

The ability to analyze market stats and turn them into relevant insights for your clients is something every brokerage strives to do. Relying on baseline market figures means you’re playing from the same playbook as the rest of the market.

What really demonstrates your brokerage’s expertise is crafting a market story that’s more personal based on business you’ve executed. That’s why Apto now provides brokerages a research dashboard that rolls up all of your brokerage’s property data like CAP rate, lease rates, available space and more into easy-to-read charts for faster interpretation and more personal market insights.


Learn more...

To learn more about all the reports and dashboards in Apto Brokerage Reports, watch this short video or check out our support documentation

Multifamily brokers: Apto now has unit mix

We know that there are a lot of variables that contribute to the value of a multifamily property. Building class, NOI, operating expenses, and CAP rate to name a few. Most of these are affected by a property's unit mix, which I'm happy to tell you is now included in Apto. Start tracking unit mix today to capture the finer details of a property so that you can better inform potential buyers and sellers with concrete valuations and bulletproof solutions.



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