Brokerage Reports

Brokerage Reports serve up key metrics around a team/office’s pipeline, broker performance, anticipated revenue, and market trends. Brokerage Reports uses an organization's data to power three dashboards; Adoption, Pipeline, and Research. Each dashboard has high level information readily available that allows a user to click into a more detailed view. A broker can easily see YTD revenue from the dashboard view but then can click in to see who is producing that revenue.

This section provides an overview on commonly asked questions for using Brokerage Reports. Click to see more information on editing existing reports, a video overview of reports, or how to create new reports.

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Where does my Report Data Come From?

Brokerage reports is a dashboard that shows data and metrics from your company. The data you have inside Apto is reflected on the dashboard reports. For example when someone at your company logs a call activity in Apto the report automatically records this information. 

How do I see more information on the report?

The chart you see on your dashboard is the high level summary of your report. To view more information click the View Report button on the bottom left.


Once inside the report you can see the underlying data driving the chart. 


Additionally you can filter the results of your report by clicking the funnel icon on the upper right and adjusting the filter criteria.


Can I export these reports?

Absolutely! The reports can be easily exported and loaded into Excel or other spreadsheet programs. Once inside the report (after clicking View Report) click the arrow in the upper right hand corner and click Export.


How do I refresh the Chart on the Dashboard?

The dashboard view will automatically refresh everyday. You can refresh the information shown on the dashboard by clicking on the refresh arrow on the individual dashboard chart. There is no need to refresh the detailed view seen when clicking View Report as this information automatically updates when clicked.





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