Lease insights for better client engagements

Building relationships with tenants can be a grind with periods of what may feel like net zero productivity. Brokers spanning all generations know the importance of making an impact on the first call and then creating a positive trajectory for and through every subsequent interaction.

We’ve seen the ways in which brokers piece together the contact, company and the lease information needed to be informed and increase your chances at an informative and memorable engagement. In fact here’s a secret; if you think you’re the only one opening 5 or more tabs and trying to do on-the-fly information synthesis to drive a conversation, you’re not alone. We do extensive broker research and this method comes up way more than we’d like to admit.

If this sounds familiar or if your current solution is leaving you wanting more, then you’re going to like what we say next: You don’t need to work this way anymore.

Our contact dashboard is a single screen that contains all the lease information you’ve documented for each of your contacts and their related company and property, along with all your open tasks, past activity history, the contact’s social media profiles, and more. It’s all arranged in a way to help you stay focused on relationship building, not remember which tab has the lease information needed as the conversation shifts.


Let’s get a little more specific on lease details, (or lack of lease details in some cases). In the first scenario, you jump on a call and have all the current lease information right in front of you, helping drive the conversation about their current locations, what works, what doesn’t, or what needs they may have. And you’re also ready to pivot from one site to the next. The color coding by lease expiration date gives you insights as to which lease might be the top of their mind.


The longer the conversation goes, the more likely you are to learn something new. In many cases you’ll learn about unknown locations or new details on the ones you do know about it. I either case, you’re one click away from editing an existing lease or creating a new one.


With the contact dashboard and the lease detail enhancements you have everything you need to have better conversations, make a lasting impact, and make sure you’re first of mind when the time comes for your client to make a change.

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