Reach out to tenants based on leasing needs


You’re used to building targeted, action-oriented call lists around your contacts. You spend time building relationships with multiple contacts in a company, and now you can leverage all of the relationships you have at those companies with company-based call lists. Quickly create a list of all of your contacts at retailers when a prime new location becomes available. Look for companies that have a lease expiring in the next 18 months in order to help consult them on new locations.

But you don’t call Walgreens. You call Joe Brady.

You try to call Debbie, but discover she’s no longer with Acme, Inc., so you need to leverage other relationships that you have at Acme.

Company-based call lists allow you to build a call list that contain all of the related contacts on those companies. We’ve also introduced new filters specific to leasing so that you can use high probability indicators to hone in on key prospects. You can then expect the same functionality as with contact-based call lists.


So go build your lists, and start prospecting! And if you need more help, check out our support article or contact support.

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