Execute your Tenant Rep assignments more efficiently

Whether you’re in the fortunate position to be working with a set of clients that you’ve been doing business with for years, or hammering the phones to build new relationships, you need a place to see what deals are in flight and where your next commission check is coming from.

Apto has just the tool you need to manage your tenant rep pipeline, Apto Deals. You can read more about it in our original post to get all the important details.


There is one thing I want point out in this article that has some serious implications on how you can supercharge your tenant deal process though.

At every stage of a tenant rep assignment you have to do something to move it forward. Those things, (tasks), range from reviewing a client’s existing lease, to conducting a needs analysis meeting, to setting up tours, to drafting an LOI, to negotiating lease terms.

These things are going to happen one way or another--because they have to. Where Apto can help and make you more efficient is by automating the creation of these tasks for you. You’ll not only save time and precious cognitive effort, but you’ll increase deal throughput--and make more money.


Here are some of the best practices per stage we’ve seen to help you get the creative juices flowing:


  • Research company
  • Analyze current lease
  • Prepare lease comp report
  • Setup/conduct needs analysis meeting


  • Prepare market inventory report
  • Schedule tours
  • Review options and submit LOIs


  • Submit lease proposal
  • Review landlord counter
  • Onsite tour with architect and landlord
  • Submit final lease proposal


  • Deposit due
  • Provide landlord with company info and marketing kit
  • Space walkthrough


  • Send thank you to Landlord
  • Send move-in appreciation gift
  • Send 1 month email
  • Send 6 month email
  • Contact for lease option
  • Contact for lease renewal

The importance of the last one cannot be overstated. Seriously. If you can execute a 5 year plan with a tenant that you placed you can all but guarantee their business the next time around, beating out the hoard of brokers who try to swoop in at lease renewal time.


One more interesting fact about playbooks; you can make as many as you’d like. If you have a process for venture backed companies heading towards a series B or C investment round, then make a unique playbook. If you deal with institutional tenants, same goes, make a unique playbook. Heck, every type of tenant specialty you deal with can have their own unique playbook.

Go ahead and put this to work and make it your own. After you have for a while, show it off to your prospects and clients as part of your representation pitch. We think they’ll be impressed helping you to deepen your position as a market expert.

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