Product Round-Up - July 2018


Tenant Rep Enhancements

Reach out to tenants based on leasing needs

If you’ve been using Apto for any time at all, you’ve likely experienced the benefit of creating action lists to help you contact the right people based on key business indicators. One area where we’ve admittedly left our users wanting was having the ability to create such lists using company information. More importantly for tenant reps, company lease information. Well, those days are over with our latest release of Apto. Now tenant reps can filter for companies by their lease expiration date and lease type helping you build highly actionable lists based on high probability indicators. To learn more check out the full blog post.

Lease insights for better client engagements

Do you like having multiple tabs open at one time and having to click back in forth to get client details? Didn’t think so. That’s why Apto organizes all client information into one page to help you stay informed so that you can enrich and extend a conversation. And now we’re excited to better support tenant reps with new enhancements that include lease information to help guide the conversation. Have a look at what awaits in the full feature blog post.

Execute your Tenant Rep assignments more efficiently

This past Spring was a pretty big one for us (and for brokers) as we released our all new deals board. We’re excited to tell you that we haven’t stopped working on it and have made some very helpful enhancements for the tenant rep deal flow. Tenant reps can now manage an assignment from the moment an opportunity is identified to the moment the tenant begins their lease and beyond. Don’t sleep on the beyond part, because that’s what’ll help you earn your client’s business the next time they have leasing needs.

Want to learn more about how Apto Deals can help you work your tenant rep assignments more efficiently and set you up for future business? Check the full feature blog to get started.

Team Enhancements

Empower your team to take responsibility

We're all about contextually relevant task management. We put a lot of effort into making sure you have the ability to create tasks at the most intuitive places in the deal workflow and we provide various places to help you stay on top of them. We're excited to announce that you can now assign tasks to different team members to make sure your team is working through all the important tasks to move a client or deal forward. 

Performance and Stability

We’re been turning the knobs and pulling the levers over here to ensure you have a more fluid user experience. You should notice quicker page loads, faster input detection when typing, and quicker deal conversion. We’re not done either and will continue to focus on making sure Apto performs at the levels you expect so stay tuned for more.

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