Create a Call List from Company Information

How to Create Company Call Lists


NOTE: This article is for the new Apto user experience (known to some as Prospect & Nurture).

Company call lists are highly actionable lists of contacts based on search criteria from the company that the contact is related to.

1. Navigate to the "Companies" tab within the Prospect and Nurture application

2. From here, you can select one or more companies using the circles to the left of the company names.

  **Note: You may also click the "Select All" circle at the top of the list to select all companies at once

3. Once you finish selecting the companies, you should see a new box pop up on the top left of the page called "Selected Companies".

4. Click either "Clear List" to start over, or "Add to List" to finish creating your Company Call List




How to Use Company Call List View

Once you have created a new Company Call List, you can navigate to the P&N dashboard and go click "Start Calling" to open up the List View.

Once opening the Call List, it will open up the first contact within the list and display various useful items of information for you to review for the call as shown in the image below:

(Top half of Company Call List)Company_Call_List.png

(Bottom Half of Company Call List)

1. Call List Name 
    - Displays the name of your call list as well as the number of contacts within the list

2. Current Contact
   - Displays information on the current contact you are calling such as email and phone number

3. Activity Log
   - Allows you to log in the details of your call with the current contact
   - You can skip or remove the contact if you do not need it in the list or want to skip for now

4. Open Tasks
   - Displays information on current tasks you have already set for this contact
   - Will also allow you to create tasks from this view by clicking "Add task"

5. Deal Activity
   - Displays all current deals that are associated with the current contact

6. Property Information
   - Displays all the properties with a direct relationship to the current contact

7. Activity History
   - Displays the history of any logged activity for the current contact

8. Property Map
   - Displays all properties owned or leased by the contact on the map.
   - This map is interactive and you can click on any of the properties to get more information

9. Buyers Needs
   - Displays all current Buyer needs for any properties associated with the contact
   - Also able to add Buyer's Needs from this view by clicking "Add Buyer's Need"

10. Profile Insights
   - Uses "FullContact" integration to search for information on the current contact's social media profiles to get more information on them to assist with calling

11. Recent News
   - Displays all recent news that may be important for Brokers and Brokerages such as increase in office spaces or property value decreases





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