Getting Started with Data

What to expect with Apto's data services

You can't get value out of Apto until you get data in, and our Data Services team is here to help.  Our standard data services include migrating all of your companies, contacts, properties, and related activities.  

What is included in a standard data migration?

For single brokers, one standard import is included with your license, which includes one data source.

For teams, one standard import includes either one database file or one contact file for each of your team members.

Our standardly accepted formats are listed below, with some help on how to get your data out.

How do I get my old data out?

Microsoft Outlook

Output Format: .csv

To export your Contacts from Microsoft Outlook, navigate through the steps below. Full documentation with screenshots is available through the Microsoft website.

File → Open & Export → Import/Export → Export to a file → Comma Separated Values


Please use this template to send us your data.


Salesforce, ReThink, PowerBroker

Output Format: .csv file(s)

You will need to be the system administrator in order to bulk export your data from the platform. Additional information can be found on the Salesforce knowledge base.

  1. Navigate to your name at the top right of the screen → Setup → Data Management → Data Export

  2. Select “Replace carriage returns with spaces”. This will remove line breaks and insert blank spaces. If you retain the line breaks, Apto may not be able to properly format your data.

  3. Under “Exported Data” choose the types of data you would like to include in the export. If you are unsure about what to include, we recommend selecting all objects for export.

  4. Click “Start Export”

  5. Salesforce will create a .zip folder that will include CSV files from all of the objects. The system administrator will receive an e-mail notification when the export is ready. Follow the link provided in the e-mail to download the .zip file.


Output Format: .bak file

Refer to the video through the link below to export your REA database as a .bak file. Please note that it may be possible to export database tables to a spreadsheet, however, Apto cannot migrate these files.


Output Format: .bak file

Act! databases will export to a zipped folder that contains a .bak file. You may send over the entire zipped file. Please refer to the instructions through the following link to backup your data and attachments.


Output Format: .bak or .mdb

The preferred format is a .bak, but we can typically work with the .mdb as well. Your Data Analyst will notify you if there are issues restoring your database backup. The following link contains instructions for backing up your data.

How do I Get my data to Apto?

The Apto Services team will send you an e-mail with next steps outlined shortly after you have signed up. Please use the link provided in this e-mail to submit your data.


Need Help with your Data?

Data Cleansing

Cloudingo An all-in-one tool to cleanse your database and mass imports by removing duplicate records, all from a simple and intuitive dashboard. Use the built-in filters or create your own. Free trial available.

DemandTools A suite of data quality modules to control, standardize, verify, de-duplicate, import, and generally manipulate your data. More than just duplicates removal, it promotes administrator productivity.

Dupe Eliminator Salesforce app designed to help you search and merge duplicate records on any object (standard and custom), and any field you specify.

Data Loading

Data Import Wizard Quickly and securely import and update data for your brokerage.

Data Loading Fundamentals

This is a live webinar recorded in May 2018 with one of our Lead Technical Support team members to help system administrators understand the basics of loading CRM data for companies, contacts, and properties with their related owners.

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