Apto + ProspectNow Integration Guide

This guide will show you how to set up ProspectNow to integrate with Apto.

Access ProspectNow

  • Login to ProspectNow
  • Click "My Account"

Authenticate Apto/Salesforce Org

  • Click on the "Salesforce" tab
  • Log in using your Apto username and password

Setup Objects and Map Fields

Setup Objects

  • Under ProspectNow Objects, next to Owners / Properties, click on the "Select a custom Object" dropdown       ​prospectNowMapping.png
  • Choose "Property" from the list of values
  • In the resulting window, check the "Append Unmapped Fields to Description" and "Sync By Default" checkboxes at the top of the window prospectNowMappingSave.png

Map Fields

  • Click "Map Fields" next to Property
  • Select the following ProspectNow fields from the dropdown menus next to each of the Salesforce.com fields that are labeled. 

Leave all other fields on "Select"

Salesforce.com/Apto Fields

ProspectNow Fields

owner id

Select your name from list of Brokers

Property name

'Property Address'

parcel number

'Parcel No'


'Property City'

land (SF)

'Lot Size'





loan balance


loan maturity date

'Loan Due'



property type

'Property Type'

street address

'Property Address'

square footage

'Bldg Sq. Ft.'


Property State'


'Number of Units'

year built

'Year Built'

zip/postal code

Property Zip'



last sale price


Once all fields have been selected, click "Save" at the top of the window.

Search Properties and Save to Apto

Find Properties in Prospect

  • Find a property of interest using the map or the search tools
  • Locate your subject property in the results list

Save Property to Apto

  • Click "Save" to the left of the subject record
  • In the resulting pop-up window…
    • Check "Salesforce"
    • Uncheck "Lead"
    • Check "Contact"
    • Check "Property"
  • Click "Save" to export the property record from ProspectNow to Apto
  • Done!
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