Seller Rep Deal Workflow

Stage 1: Pursuit (aka Proposal or Pitch)

Definition: Initial conversations with your client as you come to agreement on what you will be selling and how that will be accomplished. Typically this is where you are working to get a rep agreement signed.

  1. Click Pursuit > click New > choose Seller Representation > click Next
  2. Pursuit Name = Property Name_MMYYYY (example: 123 Main Street_092017)
  3. Enter Client Company
  4. Enter Client Contact

NOTE: Both the Client Company and Contact fields search for existing records in your system, however you can create new records on the fly by clicking your cursor into those fields and then choose +New.

  1. Enter Gross Commission Amount
  2. Click Save

Now that a Pursuit has been created, you can use the Activity Tracker to log all phone calls, tasks and events that have occurred with the client.

Once conversations have been had and a rep agreement executed…

Click on Advance to Next Stage

Stage 2: Listings & Assignments

Definition: Where you will track an active listing and all listing activity to be reported back to your client.

  1. Double click Status > click On Market > click Save
  2. Under Administrative > update all dates > click Save
  3. On the Related Tab > enter in Offers and update the Deal Team

You can use the Activity Tracker to log all phone calls, tasks and other marketing events that have occurred with this Listing.

Once an offer has been accepted…

Click on Advance to Next Stage

Stage 3: In Contract (aka Under Contract or In Escrow)

Definition: Track the pending purchase and milestones that need to be completed prior to close such as appraisals, inspections, etc.

  1. Enter in all of the In Contract details including;
    • Contract Price
    • Effective Date
    • Project Close (expected close) Date
    • Under Related > track Milestones (such as appraisal and inspection dates)
    • Click Save

Once all milestone have been completed & you're ready to go to the deal table…

Click on Close Deal

Stage 4: Closed Deal (aka Comps)

Definition: Enter the final sale price and sale summary details in this final stage.

  1. Enter in all of the signed final purchase details including;
    1. All Sale Summary Information
    2. Click Save

NOTE: Once all of the closed deal information is captured, you will notice on the property, Company and Contact records, that the Sale information has been updated.

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