Creating a Task Template

This article shows what you should do when creating task templates to utilize for any of your deals in the Apto deal pipeline.


  • Users must have an Apto minimum version of 5.6.x or newer
  • Users must have an active Apto account

Purpose: Task templates are important for deals to ensure successful execution from beginning to end.  They establish an easy way to make sure that you utilize a consistent set of “to-do’s” so nothing falls through the cracks. Creating task templates for these items eliminates the need to enter them in on each new deal prompting a level of organization and efficiency that Apto provides.

Creating a Template

  1. Open or create a new deal. Once you fill in the details of the deal you will prompted to add or create a new set of tasks for your template.

  2. When you drag a deal card from one stage to the next you will be prompted to add an existing task template or create new.

  3. Add in your tasks for that template by first clicking “New Template” and adding the tasks for completion (along with due dates/times and subject material)

  4. This template will then be saved for future use and can be accessed for each of the following scenarios outlined in step 1. You can also add one or more tasks at this stage to allow for any outlying custom items that need to be completed specific to an individual deal. This feature accommodates for flexibility in your workflow process.
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