Work a Deal Call List

This article discusses how you would use call lists to progress deals in Apto. Also discussed here is what value this function provides for brokers using Apto. Namely a better way to target the right contacts and secure business most effectively through prospecting efforts and nurturing existing relationships with interested parties on a deal.


  • Users must have an Apto minimum version of 5.6.x or newer
  • Users must have an active Apto account

Purpose: Call lists provide brokers using Apto with a more efficient way to target qualified prospects on any deal and move those prospects through the deal funnel. By creating a list of qualified prospects in the sourcing stage you can accurately manage and find the best prospects to do business with and close deals faster!

Creating a Deal Call List

  1. Once you have won the right to represent your client, move the deal card from the pursuits stage to the sourcing stage of the deal pipeline. This is done by dragging the card from one stage column to the next.

  2. After you have added your tasks to your deal proceed to the “Deal Activity” card of the deal. Here click the “Build List” button. Create your list of qualified prospects through using buyers needs, Groups or manually selecting the contacts you want to add to your qualified prospects list.

  3. Once you have built your list you can do one or more of the following:
    1. View the list and the deal record its associated with on the call dashboard.
    2. Click into the list on the call dashboard and start calling through the list
    3. Navigate back to Apto Deals and view the list on the deal its associated with.

Working a Deal Call List

  1. After you have created your call list you can now engage each prospective buyer through the call dashboard to attempt to generate interest on the listing and determine the state of each prospect.

  2. The prospective buyers activity will be reflected visually. This will give you the contextual details regarding their level of engagement and guide the conversation forward and move them through the deal pipeline.

  3. As you interact with the prospect and they begin generating interest you can change the status of the prospect (toured, offered, etc.) to move them through the deal interest funnel.

  4. On the “Progress through pipeline” window (after you have updated the prospects status) you can now create the next set of tasks to execute the activities necessary to progress them through to the next stages of the deal. After this is completed you can then move onto the qualified prospect in the deal and repeat the steps above for each contact in the deal list.


  5. As you receive LOIs/offers you can then add those documents to the deal card within the “sourcing details” pop up screen. You can also provide your client with a Listing Activity Report when asked for it as you continue to work your deal. This report details the prospects name, level of interest and any associated tasks you have completed with those prospects at the current time of export.

  6. Once you have generated enough offers and LOI’s to call on for final offers you can drag the deal card from sourcing to negotiations and follow the steps outlined in the working a deal through the pipeline from the negotiations stage.
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