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This article discusses the what, why and how you would use buyer activity and buyer’s needs in Apto. Also discussed here is what value this function provides for brokers using Apto. Namely a better way to find and contact qualified buyers by employing a streamlined easy to use process.


  • Users must have an Apto minimum version of 5.6.x or newer
  • Users must have an active Apto account

Purpose: Buyer activity is a central component of Apto deals. It allows you to record what investors are looking for and then allows you to cross reference them against your listings. This helps you by providing a targeted and qualified list of prospects to call in order to close a deal efficiently.

Creating a Buyer’s Need

  1. (a) Head to contacts. Then either create a new contact or select an already existing one. (b) You can also head to the business development dashboard and select a contact in a call list.

  2. Add a new buyer’s need to the contact by clicking on “Add Buyer’s Need” in the Buyer’s Needs card of the contact record.

  3. Add in the criteria for the need in the corresponding fields. I.E. My contact is looking for an office building in Downtown Denver, between 5000 and 10000 square feet at an asking price of $2,000,000 to $3,000,000 (1). Then click SAVE (2)

Using Buyer’s Needs in Apto Deals

  1. For any Landlord Rep or Seller Rep deals in the Sourcing stage, you can begin compiling a list of potential buyers to call. First hit the “View Details” button on a deal card in this stage.

  2. Locate the “Buyer Activity” card and click the “Build List” link. You will be directed to the contacts page.
  3. The property criteria of your listing will be automatically set in the Buyer’s Needs filter criteria providing you a list of prospective buyers whose needs align with your listing. You can adjust or add criteria to further refine or expand the list of contacts you’d like added to your deal prospect list.

    NOTE: Your new prospect list is a call list that can be modified using Apto Maps.

  4. Once your call list has been created, the Prospects section of the “Buyer Activity” card will update to include the select contacts. Click “Start Calling” to begin engaging these clients in the business development dashboard.

    To learn how to advance prospects through the funnel check out the full length article on using the prospect funnel.

Searching for a list of Buyer’s Needs

  1. Head to contacts. On the left side panel of your screen you will see a radio button to filter for buyer’s needs.

  2. Enter in the desired buyer’s need criteria. (E.G. Office building between $2 and $3m).

  3. Apto automatically returns and displays the names of those contacts who meet the acquisition criteria.

  4. You can add them to a call list and begin engaging them with the contact with the business development dashboard.
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