Introducing the deal activity funnel

So hopefully you read our post on how Apto helps you build a highly qualified prospect list for your new listing. If you didn’t you really should.

...still here?

Okay, here’s the summary: Apto Deals has a thing called “Buyers Needs”, you add them as you talk to investors. Then after you’ve won a new listing and move it to the Sourcing stage, you build a list of contacts whose recorded buyer’s needs align with your new listing. Pretty great, right?

Now it’s time to put that list work and start getting some interest. First let’s talk investment sales. In the investment sales world “off market” is the market, and as such your marketing is a closed door event. Some of your most likely buyers are those within your network and consequently are the ones that are already in Apto. This is how they came to be in your Prospects list as described in the scenario above.

Your outreach efforts are going to follow some sort of cadence helping you understand and track the level of engagement of each prospective buyer. In Apto Deals, we provide 5 stages to help you keep track of the engagement level; Prospect, Contacted, Materials sent, Toured, and Offered. As you make progress in your conversations to create and gauge interest, you can move them from one stage to the next. Best part is that we provide you a wonderful visual tool to see your listing activity funnel. The more traction you get, the more the funnel lights up to show you the number of buyers in each stage.


This is all great information for when reporting your efforts back to the seller, (which by the way you can export the activity to share those efforts), but what about leveraging this important context when talking to a buyer?

It’s important to know where they are in the engagement process, as well as what reasons exist for them to be interested in the first place. Now with an updated business development dashboard you can see what deals a buyer, (and seller), are involved in and where they sit within the engagement process. This along with all the past outreach activity, open tasks, existing portfolio, buyer’s needs and more.


Apto's intuitive new deal activity funnel will help you contact the right people with the right message to move them from interested to proposal.

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