Product Round-Up - April 2018

Our product and development teams have been busy since we delivered Apto Maps back in January. We're excited to share what they've been up to and we think you're going to love it.

Apto Deals


The easiest, most intuitive way to manage your deals

Do you ever wish you could see your business in a singular view that matches the CRE deal process? Now you can with the all new Apto Deals board. We condensed years of learning into months of development to deliver a deal process that gives you perfect visibility into all your deals so you know what to prioritize to help drive momentum. With the new deals board you can drag and drop your deals through a natural CRE deal flow that includes pursuing new deals, sourcing buyers, tenants and sites, and negotiating offers, and closing a deal out. Get more details in the full blog post or watch our webinar.

Task Playbooks

There’s no doubt that you’re winning and executing business based on a repeatable process that demonstrates your unique value. That process is likely a series of things to do in order to create and keep momentum and assign responsibility. In other words, it’s your task list or playbook. We’re excited to tell you that we’ve built a super simple way for you to create a task playbook that can easily be applied to any deal stage helping you be more efficient as you work your deals. Learn more in the full blog post.

Build a high quality deal prospecting list

Wouldn’t it be great if you could build a list of buyers who are likely to have interest in your listing based on their acquisition criteria? What about tenants for the available space in your building? The answer is an obvious yes, and thankfully Apto can deliver just that. We’ve taken our broker favorite call lists and worked them into Apto Deals so that you can focus on the highest probability prospects to help expedite the sourcing process, giving your speed and efficiency as you work towards close. Check it out in this more detailed blog.

A smarter way to engage, track, and report listing activity

So getting your most likely listing prospects into an actionable list is one thing, but engaging them with the needed context to convert them is another. Apto Deals introduces an intuitive new deal activity funnel that helps you visually track level of interest and move prospects from contacted to offer and everything in between. When you want to get your client up to speed with how your marketing efforts are going, simply export the list of activities and send it along. Or if you want to really impress them, just show it to them live. Learn more in our detailed blog post.

Deal Documents

There are a lot of documents to create, view, and exchange when working a deal. While each stage of a deal requires different documentation, those documents remain important from pitch to close and should be retained. Apto Deals provides a single place for important deal documents like rep agreements, brochures, LOIs and Lease Proposals. Better yet, those documents stay attached to your deal as you advance from one stage to another helping to ensure you and your team have all the necessary documentation to understand where you’ve been and what to next.

Apto Maps

The easiest way to enrich your property database

You know how when you search Google Maps for an address, a retail location, a business, or a point of interest, that it always brings back what you're looking for? Well great news, that database of places can now fuel your personal property database. That's right, you can search for anything from the Willis Tower in Chicago, to a free standing single tenant retail building by the name of the tenant, to an industrial building by address or tenant, and then add it to your property database with a few clicks.

Export Properties

Now in Apto Maps you can export your properties to either a PDF report or a CSV file (Excel). With the former you can quickly deliver a list of properties to a client to capture their interest in properties they might be interested in--perfect for off market deals that don't have marketing materials. With the CSV you can get a list of properties in Excel where the sky's the limit. Whether you need to create a comp report and crunch some market stats, we've got you covered. 


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