Easily build a high quality deal prospecting list

Wouldn’t it be great if you could build a list of buyers who are likely to have interest in your listing based on their acquisition criteria? What about tenants for the available space in your building? The answer is an obvious yes, and thankfully Apto can deliver just that.

Successful brokers maximize their opportunities to learn about their clients and prospective clients by always asking them what their acquisition needs are. Apto has a dedicated place for these needs in the business development dashboard, and it’s incredibly easy to use. Every time you’re talking to someone take the time to ask them about their acquisition needs and record them in the Buyer’s Needs card.


You might have heard us talk about this, but Apto is a CRE sales tool built for helping you use your data, not just manage it. The application of these buyers needs may just be the apotheosis of that statement. Here’s why:

After you’ve won a Seller Rep deal and moved it from Pursuit to Sourcing, you need to get to work to put your marketing plan into action. Apto Deals helps you do this by taking our broker favorite call list feature and provides a direct way to build a list of prospective buyers whose needs match your new listing.

You read that correctly. Apto Deals gives you a list of buyers whose needs are directly aligned with your listing.


You can even modify the criteria to be more or less restrictive, or you can hand pick contacts who you think are prime candidates. You can even add other contacts to that list using Apto Maps, or contact by contact using the business development dashboard.


Once complete, you have an actionable call list containing the highest probability prospects to help expedite the sourcing process, giving your speed and efficiency as you work towards close.


And that’s just the start of it. Just wait ‘til you see how we help you engage those contacts. Check it out in our post on how to engage buyers and track listing activity.

For instructions on how to build a deal prospect funnel, check our our support documentation or contact support.

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