Introducing our new Kanban Deal Board

Do you ever wish you could see your business in a singular view that matches the CRE deal process? Now you can with the all new Apto Deals board. Our new deals board uses the Kanban method to give you perfect visibility into all your deals so you know what to prioritize to help drive momentum.

Unfamiliar with Kanban? Don’t worry, I was too. I quickly became a convert once I found out it’s origin, application, and moreover its utility in the CRE deal process.

A proven method of managing your deals

Kanban is the method that drives Toyota’s “just-in-time” delivery in their manufacturing process that enables efficiency and continuous improvement. In short, it works by providing clarity into the work in process helping to see where you ought to be spending your time and energy based on where things are in the deal life cycle. You can learn more by doing a simple web search, but let’s focus on how it works in the CRE deal life cycle.

Through years of experience, direct application by our founder, (former broker, Tanner McGraw), and dozens of broker interviews, we narrowed the deal stages into the following:

  • Pursuits - Opportunities you are chasing (new rep agreements)
  • Listings & Assignments, broken down into
    • Sourcing - Buyer, tenant, and site selection (the marketing process)
    • Negotiations - Procurement of offers or lease proposals
    • Contracts - The chosen offer or site
  • Closed Deals - Ink, deeds/keys, invoices, and payments

Improved efficiency

Here’s how it plays out when you’re working a deal.

After months (sometimes years),of building a relationship with prospective clients you reach a point when interest matures to opportunity. That opportunity is represented as a Pursuit you create in Apto. This is the top of your deal funnel--business that you can’t quite bank on, but shows potential of converting to a rep agreement.

You execute your plan, give your best pitch, and hopefully win the right to represent your client in their property needs (buy, sell, or lease). Once you’ve secured their business, you drag the Pursuit to the Listings & Assignments column to begin making good on your promise.


That starts with Sourcing. Here you execute your marketing or site selection plan by hitting the phones to talk to qualified buyers or tenants, or by looking for availabilities that meet your client’s criteria. Everything is tracked, including the tasks needed to complete your plan, the people you’re talking to along with their interest levels, important deal documents, and more.

Once you’ve successfully executed your sourcing plan and have qualified candidates, you then move to the Negotiations phase of the deal through the same dead simple drag and drop you performed last time. Notice a pattern here?

The same applies for when you’ve negotiated terms and selected a buyer, tenant, or site and move to the Contracts phase. In both the Negotiations and Contracts phase you’re performing the things necessary to move the deal forward. Again, all major attributes are tracked, including critical dates that you need to hit in order to close out a deal.

There are many important things happening in these stages so to breeze past them may seem negligent, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To learn about the specifics on how Apto Deals helps you execute at each stage, have a look back at our release round-up.

Stop managing, start executing

What we want you to understand here is that you have visual tool to help you track, manage, and execute your deals from start to finish with a simple interface and intuitive workflow that drives everything forward. We know that managing and executing deals can be hard, so we wanted to help alleviate the inefficiencies and make it easy to work through them systematically and thoroughly with repeatable processes. All to help you move a deal forward without missing important details.

I’m so excited to see the CRE brokerage community put this new feature into action. Together with Apto Prospect & Nurture and Apto Maps, you have an end to end solution that helps you find new business, build a meaningful relationship, and now execute a deal to help ensure that future business comes more easily. All this by providing unparalleled visibility into your business with the right mix of context and efficiency to help you establish credibility and win more deals. For more information on how to use the new deals board, check out our support documentation or reach out to support.


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