Building an Expected Commissions Report

Reports have been added to allow brokers to forecast expected commissions. An estimated close date field has been added to the Listing which must be filled out for reports to run. When a user adds an estimated close date it allows them to use forecast revenue from deals in their pipeline with Expected Commission Reports. The estimated close date follows the deal through the pipeline.

Note: To use this feature you must be on version 6.3 or newer. Contact Support to upgrade your organization if needed.

  1. Enter expected close dates on listings for which you would like to forecast revenue by going to Listings and scrolling to Pipeline and entering an estimated close date for the deal.estimated_close_date.png
  2. To navigate to reports click Reports along the top menustep_1_reports.png
  3. Click All Folders, then Pipeline Forecasting


   4. Reports are available for each stage of the pipeline.  To access a report select the report that you would like to view.



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