Creating an Invoice Template

Creating an Invoice Template

A new template can be created by accessing the Invoice Template tab.


  1. From the home page, click on the App Launcher.


     2. Select Invoice Templates.



     3. The standard invoice template uses the company logo and address from the company                   information you set up while using Apto for the first time. You can either modify the                     standard company template or create a new one for your office.


     4.  Click on the button.


     5.  Enter the following information:

  • Default: sets as the default template for all generated invoices.
  • Template name: The name used to identify the template.
  • Company Name: The company name that appears on the invoices.
  • Logo Image Id: The id of the office logo that you previously uploaded.
  • Company Address: The address displayed in the invoices.
  • Notes: this text appears on all invoices by default, i.e. for legal disclaimers or for payment instructions.


     6.  Click.

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