Record Your Conversations with Clients/Prospects

Why It's Important to Log Your Client Calls

Keeping track of client conversations is key to building long-term relationships. Oftentimes, remembering past conversations from months ago can be challenging and handwritten notes can get lost or be confusing. You need a system where you can easily track and recall those conversations and access them at any point. That's where logging calls within Apto can help.

A deal is rarely closed in one single phone call. It often takes several phone conversations to develop a relationship with a client. This means there will be an ongoing string of conversations leading to the eventual deal closing. With each conversation, you need context and to remember prior meetings or conversations you've had with that particular client. Logging your calls and conversations will be a vital tool to help give you that context and create efficiency. 

With Apto, it's easy to keep track of your phone conversations. You can record the name and company of the person you chatted with, the date, and take detailed notes to remember for future conversations. You can also then set a reminder to follow-up with them at a later date. Most importantly, you can access that contact in the future to pull up notes about past conversations. 

Here's how to log those conversations.

How to Log a call

Here's an image displaying the 9 steps as outlined below:


  1. Navigate to a Contact Record.  (Remember: you can log a call from any object, but for purposes of this article we will log it from the Contact object).
  2. On the right-hand side of this contact’s record, under Activity, make sure the Log a call tab is selected. Click into the “Create new…” box and it will take you to the call details (which are displayed in the above image).
  3. Fill out the call subject (i.e. “Call re: Dairy Block Building”).
  4. Pick a Due Date, signifying when the call happened.
  5. Choose a Related to object and record. This can be any object (property, company, etc).
  6. Choose a call result from the drop-down menu.
  7. Best Practice: leave a comment to add context for future reference. This is optional, but recommended.
  8. Select a marketing phase, if applicable. This is optional.
  9. Click Save.
  10. You will now be able to see this call in the object’s Activity History.
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