Deal information gets updated for many reasons: a broker needs to be added, splits have been re-negotiated, etc.  Apto allows you to make these updates, but there are several dependencies:

  • If payment has been applied against an invoice, you must first unapply that payment.

  • If there are any payment vouchers against which brokers have net paid, you must zero those vouchers and delete them.


To Adjust Broker Net Paid:

  1. From the Invoice record, go to the Payment Vouchers on the Related tab.

  2. For any vouchers that have an amount, click the > Edit.
  3. For Amount, and any fields with net calculations, delete the values and enter 0’s, and un-check the Paid In Full box.  Then click.

  4. Repeat for all payment vouchers related to the payment that you’re going to unapply.

To Delete Payment Vouchers:

  1. From the Invoice record, go to the Payment Vouchers on the Related tab.

  2. Click on the Payment Voucher number.

  3. Click from the header and confirm.

  4. Repeat this step for all vouchers related to the payment you’re going to unapply.


To Unapply a Payment:

  1. From Invoice record, go to the Invoice Payments on the Related Tab.

  2. Click.

  3. Choose which payment(s) to unapply and click.
  4. You can now apply a new payment, or make adjustments to the deal before re-applying the payment.

    Re-book / Adjust An Already Booked Deal

Before you can make any adjustments, follow the steps to unapply any payments related to the deal.  

The best practice is to make any edits via the Book Lease / Book Sale wizards.

  1. From the closed deal, click (or Lease).

  2. Follow through the wizard and make any edits as needed, i.e. adding a broker.  From the Summary tab, click .

  3. The rebooked deal values will be displayed on the closed deal detail, invoices will be adjusted to new values, and Invoice Distributions will also be adjusted accordingly.  You can then re-apply any payments.

Note: if you adjust a deal and subsequent deals have been booked, those deals will not be updated in any way.  In example, if a broker’s split changes in deal 1 such that it impacts his tier on his Commission Plan, deals 2-5 will not be updated with his new tier.

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