LDCRE Integration - Apto Field Mapping

Note: not all fields in Apto will translate to LDCRE, and there are some fields on an LDCRE listing that do not exist in Apto. The fields from Apto may also come from the Listing, Property, or related Contact.

LDCRE API Field LDCRE Named Field Apto Object Apto Named Field Apto API Field Notes
Active n/a n/a n/a n/a Apto checks to make sure the listing is still noted as 'Active' in LDCRE.
address1 Address Listing Address McLabs__Address__C  
for_sale For Sale Listing Listing's record type Seller Representation Y/N
for_lease For Lease Listing Listing's record type Landlord Representation Y/N
asking_price_for_sale Asking Price Listing Asking Price McLabs__Asking_Price_Actual__c  
cost_persf_for_sale Cost Per Square Foot Listing Price/SF McLabs__Price_SF__c  
cap_rate_for_sale Cap Rate Listing CAP Rate McLabs__CAP_Rate__c  
noi_for_sale NOI Listing NOI McLabs__NOI__c  
summary_general Property Summary Listing Notes McLabs__Offering_Notes__c  
property_name Property Name Property Property Name property.Name  
city City Property City McLabs__City__c  
state State Property State McLabs__State__c  
zip Zip Property Zip/Postal Code McLabs__Zip_Code__c  
county County Property County McLabs__County__c  
country Country Property Country McLabs__Country__c  
phone Phone Property Primary Contact Phone McLabs__Primary_Contact_Phone__c  
email Contact Email Property Primary Contact Email McLabs__Primary_Contact_Email__c  
website Website Property Website McLabs__Website__c  
property_type Property Type Property PropertyType McLabs__PropertyType__c  
year_built Year Built Property Year Built McLabs__Year_Built__c  
lotsize Lot Size Property Land (SF) McLabs__Land_SF__c  
units Units Property Units McLabs__Units__c  
square_feet_general Total Square Feet Property Square Footage McLabs__Square_Footage__c  
occupancy_general Occupancy Percentage Property Occupancy (%) McLabs__Occupancy__c  
parking_general Parking (spaces per 1,000 SQ FT) Property Parking Spaces McLabs__Parking_Spaces__c  
contact_name Contact Name / Broker Contact Name contact.Name  
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