Payment Allocations

Payment Allocations allow your brokerage to select how to pay out each broker and expense as you receive payments.  You might choose to pay out a senior broker before paying out a junior broker, or you may want to pay out all external brokers first.


From the Payment Wizard, the first step of logging the payment amount remains the same:



After clicking Next, you will see the options to either Log the Payment as Apto has defaulted the allocations, or you can select Log Payment and Edit Allocation:




From the Edit Allocations page, you can edit the commission amounts between brokers:


If you over- or under-allocate the dollars of the payment amount, the Difference field will flag that in red.  


When you have edited the allocations appropriately, click.


As with any standard payment logging, you can view the broker’s gross production and net amount on that payment with its calculation:


 *Note: this feature is available in Apto versions 5.40 and higher.


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