Using Apto Maps to Create Call Lists | P&N

A Call List is a group of Contacts you want to call through. Apto allows you to create a call List multiple ways

  1. Manually by selecting each contact, you would like to add to a list
  2. Selecting groups and/or views that you have previously created
  3. Using Apto Maps to select contacts within a geographical area

In this article, we will discuss how to create a call List using Apto's mapping feature.


Developing a call list

After you’ve used Apto Maps to create a location-based list of properties, you can quickly and easily drop them into a list to begin engaging the owners or managers. Here’s how:

1. After you have set your filter criteria in Apto Maps, click on the radial checkbox individual properties in the result list on the left side of your screen, or Check the radial checkbox for all properties in the result list.

2. Click the “ADD TO LIST” button to begin composing your new call list.

3. Select the contact types you want to add to your new list (you have 3 options here: Owner, Former Owner. and Asset Manager).

4. Click “ADD TO LIST”.

5. A window will appear where you will have the option to:

a) Add these contacts to an existing call list
b) “BUILD A NEW LIST”. In this example, we will use option B. 


6. In the new window, complete the required info

7. Click Save.




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