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This article is designed to assist users who want get deeper insights from their property data using Apto Maps.  Here you’ll learn how to create location-driven lists using advanced searching techniques to get the right owners lined up for your business development efforts.


  • Users must have an Apto minimum version of 5.6.x or newer
  • Users must have an active Apto account
  • Users must have property data
  • Mapping must be enabled
  • Properties must be geocoded

Using keyword, polygon, radial and field filter search to find properties

Using both property and location attributes, you can isolate properties and their owners and managers that meet your specific business need, such as a list of prospective buyers around a new listing. Here’s how:


Keyword and field filter search functions

1. Search by keywords contained on the property record such as street name, city, state, property name, etc. For example, if you want to find all properties on Colorado Blvd, just type it in the “Find” search field.

2. Filter by status: 

  • All Properties
  • For Lease
  • Leased
  • For sale
  • Sold

NOTE: The filter form will change based on the property status chosen. The fields displayed are relative to the state of the property. For example, choosing “Leased” will display “Lease Rate” and “Lease Date”.

3. Filter Fields (see previous note): 

(if data is available on property record):

  • Square footage
  • Number of units
  • Lot size
  • Property Type
  • Market
  • Sub-Market
  • Year Built
  • Tenancy
  • Sold Date
  • Leased Date



Polygon and Radial search

You can also use the polygon and radial search functions that allow you to “draw” on the Apto Maps interface so that you can highlight the exact areas of focus that you want to pull property information from. 


Polygon Search



Radial Search




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