Publishing a Listing from Apto to

Publishing a Listing from Apto to

In order to use the listing service, your organization needs to have the integration enabled.  Please see the Enablement documentation.


Apto will be your ‘system of record’ for the Listing detail.  Once a Listing is active, you can Publish it from Apto to   Apto pushes all data to, and we do not receive any updates back (i.e. it’s a one-way push). If you need to edit a listing, you should do so in Apto and publish back to


Once you have created a Listing in Apto, it is a three click process to send that Listing over to


  1. Publishing to starts when you have an active Listing in Apto.  Make sure all of the Listing detail is noted in Apto and then click Publish:


  1. The Publish Listing page will open.  Place a checkmark next to, and then click .


If you have an account that uses the same email as the listing owner’s email address, then your Listing will be associated with your account.  If you do not have an account, you can still view the listing on  We recommend that if you publish to that you also have an account with them, so that you can use the full features of their listing platform.  


  1. To verify the listing, from you can search for the property:

  1. The Listing page shows all of the information that has been sent over from Apto:


If a detail about the Listing changes or the Listing itself changes status, you will want to send those updates over to


For example, if I go under contract in Apto, the Status will change to Closed:

Following the Publishing steps above, this sends the update to, so that when I view the property on the website, it displays:


This way, you don’t have to log into to update or delete listings - you can manage that all through Apto.


There are two types of errors that you may encounter: errors on a particular Listing and errors for the integration itself.


Listing Errors

One is that you have missing information on your Listing.  When you click , you receive an error that you’re missing a required field:


Integration Errors

The other type of error message is that the publishing service doesn’t properly sync a listing because the integration itself isn’t functioning.  When you click , you will get a Publish Status right from the Publish page.


If there is an error, you will see a next to Publish Status.  If you receive that error, try clicking again.  If the issue persists, please contact Apto Support.

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