Enabling the Integration with officespace.com


  1. While logged into Apto as a System Administrator, go to the App Launcher >.

  2. Under Integrations, click on OfficeSpace.com Settings:

The landing page will open:


  1. To enable the integration with your org, click Edit next to the header.


Make sure the checkbox is marked off next to and click



Technically, users do not need an account on OfficeSpace.com to send a listing.  However, to use the full searching capabilities of their tool, we recommend that customers also set up user accounts on the OfficeSpace.com platform.  Please see their instructions here.  


There are two ways to know if listings are syncing successfully to OfficeSpace:
1. For Administrators, the OfficeSpace landing page under Settings displays the most recent sync and its status in the upper-right hand corner.  The Sync History table below that logs the last 10 syncs:


If there is a failure, you will also see the error message:

2. For Brokers, they see the same success or failure message from the Publish page:

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