Getting Started for Brokers

Apto is a powerful, yet simple platform that helps your entire team maintain and nurture contacts, monitor pipelines, execute deals and better forecast deal team resources—whenever and wherever your business takes you. The Getting Started for Brokers guide was designed to help familiarize you with the foundations of Apto.

Watch the video below for an overview of Apto or skip to step 1 to quickly start using your system.


Step 1: Navigating Apto & Page Layouts

Once logged in; the "Home" tab of Apto is a great way to look at your day's activities and keep a pulse on your personal deal pipeline. Understanding both the home page and the layout of your records is a great building block in becoming a strong Apto user.

  • Click HERE for step-by-step instructions on The Apto Homepage or watch the video below



Step 2: Using Apto CRM (aka Companies, Contacts & Properties)

Now that you are familiar with the basic layout of Apto, you can begin using the CRM portion of Apto. Apto’s CRM consists of Companies, Contacts, and Properties and is your team's proprietary database that has the most up-to-date information from what you have gathered in the field.

  • Click HERE for step-by-step instructions on Intro to Apto CRM or watch the video below

Step 3: Logging Activity & Task Management

Having your own up-to-date database is great, but knowing who said what and when, to then follow-up with your even better. Using Apto’s Activity Tracker removes the need for easily misplaced placed sticky notes or the backs of empty envelopes. Now you can remember your last conversation and schedule next steps to be followed up on at a later date-all within a few clicks in Apto.

  • Watch the videos below to learn how to create and follow up on tasks



Step 4: Working the Apto Deal Pipeline

You have gone through the effort of calling your clients, researching properties and setting tasks, but what about tracking the deals you are working? Apto Deal Pipeline allows you to track each stage of the deal and creates a repeatable process to win more business.

  • Click HERE for step-by-step instructions on the Deal Pipeline Overview or watch the video below

Pursuits (aka Proposal or Pitch)

A Pursuit is the first stage of a deal, where you are beginning the conversation about how you can help your client. This is the stage where you are gathering data, but the client hasn't given you the green light or thumbs up to move forward to list their property for sale or to begin looking for property to rent or buy. Typically this is the stage prior to a rep agreement being executed and gives you a chance to really get to know what is going to be needed for a successful deal.

  • Watch the video below to learn more about the Pursuits stage

Listings & Assignments

A Listing (for seller or landlord rep) or Assignment (for buyer or tenant rep) is the second stage of a deal. The flexibility of the Apto Deal Pipeline allows you to track every type of a deal just a bit differently--capturing exactly what is needed for each. The ability to track buyer/tenant search criteria and need date, rep agreement expiration date, marketing activity, on-market dates, multiple offers, the deal team splits and send activity reports to clients makes this one of the most powerful stages of your deal.

  • Watch the video below to learn more about the Listings & Assignments stage

In Contract

In Contract is the third stage of a deal, after an offer on a property has been accepted. But as with any deal, there may be a few milestones that need to be reached before it can truly close. With Apto, you can keep track of those key milestones to ensure your deals cross the finish line.

  • Watch the video below to learn more about the In Contract stage


Closed Deals

Closed Deals is the fourth and final stage of Apto’s Deal Pipeline. This stage allows you to finalize your sale/lease summary and create a comp tied back to your property and owner/tenant.

  • Watch the video below to learn more about the Closed Deal stage



What's Next?

Now that you have walked through all sections of the Getting Started for Brokers guide, feel free to browse some of our other articles to learn more about Apto. Also, make sure you download and start using Apto Mobile (available in the Apple & Android App stores) or take a few minutes to look at Prospect & Nurture from the Home Page.



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