How to Edit a Picklist

Edit a Picklist: Background & Context

As a system administrator, you can add or remove picklist values and also set options by record type. Example: Add an option under primary use of shopping mall for a retail record type, but not for an industrial record type.

**Please note that only a System Administrator has the level of access required to modify page layouts.


Edit a Picklist: Step-by-Step Instructions

Navigate to the Picklist

1. Click the gear symbol in the top right-hand corner of the screen >  click Setup to navigate to the setup page.



2. In the Quick Find box, type ‘Object’ > click Object Manager to navigate to the Object Manager.


3. Click on the object (Tab) name you want to edit > click on Fields & Relationships. In this example, we are editing the Contact object.


4. At Fields & Relationships, scroll to the picklist name to edit, then click on the field name to start editing the picklist.



How to Edit an Existing Picklist

5. Click Deactivate (under Values) and/or Activate (under Inactive Values) to choose what users should see in the Picklist.

NOTE: You also have the option to delete picklist values, but it is not recommended that a picklist value is deleted for historical and data auditing purposes. Deleting it will also remove it from all records where that value resides.



Create a New Picklist Value

6.  Under Values> click New to start the process.


7. Add new picklist values separated by a carriage return (hitting enter within the text box). Choose the record type page layouts where you want the new picklist values available, and click Save.



8. Label your field, let the Field Name auto-populate, and fill out the remaining fields > click Next to proceed in the process.


9. Select the appropriate user profiles to access the new field (by default this is set to all) > click Next to proceed. 


10. Select the appropriate page layouts to display the new field (by default this is set to all) > click Save to save your configurations



Your picklist is now updated.

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