Customizing Page Layouts

Page Layouts: Background & Context

This article covers how to customize your page layout in Apto. Page layout customization can improve your efficiencies as a broker by limiting or expanding the layout to include only fields necessary for the record type.

  • You can set the visibility of fields and related lists by customizing the page layout.
  • A separate page layout can be developed for each record type. 

❗NOTE: only a System Administrator has the level of access required to modify page layouts

Example Use Cases

  • Attorney Contact record type may need to have a field to show the states the contact is licensed to practice in - while the Principal Contact record type does not need this.
  • Users may want to see a particular Related List in a different order than what is displayed by default.


Things To Know Before Getting Started

There are two main areas that will be addressed in this tutorial;

  • Fields - Define data on a record such as name, property address, or company email. These are viewed under the Details information on a record.
  • Related Lists - Displays a list of information as it relates to the current record being viewed. Examples of this include;
    • Contact Related List on a Company record - displays all of the contacts that are associated with the company being viewed
    • Space Related List on a Property record - displays all of the spaces that are associated with the property being viewed
    • Commission Related List on a Closed Deal record - displays the gross commission breakdown associated with the closed deal being viewed

Page Layouts: Step-by-Step Instructions

How to Access the Page Layout:

  1. Click the gear symbol in the top right-hand corner of the screen > click Setup



  1. In the Quick Find box > type ‘object’ > click Object Manager



  1. Click on the object name (in this case we are using Contact) > click on Page Layouts > click on the page layout name (in this case we are using Attorney)



How to Change Field Location on the Page Layout:

  1. TO MOVE THE LOCATION OF A FIELD IN THE LAYOUT > click and hold mouse button on the field name > move the field to the new location


  1. TO ADD A FIELD TO THE PAGE LAYOUT > search for the field > click and hold mouse button on the field name > move the field to the new location


  1. TO REMOVE A FIELD FROM THE PAGE LAYOUT > hover over field name > click on the ‘remove’ icon




  1. Use the Save the button if you are making changes to only a single layout.


  1. If you are making changes to multiple page layouts;
    1. Click on Quick Save (this is a temporary hold until all changes are made)
    2. Click on the dropdown to change the layout to the next type
    3. Make additional layout changes
    4. Continue to use Quick Save until all layout changes are complete
    5. Click Save to commit all changes to your system


Update the Related List View:

  1. Using the steps above > Access the Page Layout
  2. Click on Related Lists > click on Related List Properties (wrench) icon


  1. Move Available Fields to Selected Fields to change what is displayed > click OK



Your page layout is now customized. 

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