Creating a Manual Call List | P&N

A Call List is a group of Contacts you want to call through. Apto allows you to create a call List multiple ways

  1. Manually by selecting each contact, you would like to add to a list
  2. Selecting groups and/or views that you have previously created
  3. Using Apto Maps to select contacts within a geographical area

In this article, we will discuss how to manually create a call list.

How to Build a Call List from Contacts

  1. Select the Prospect + Nurture tab, then click BUILD A LIST.
  2. Select Contacts


3. Select the contacts you’d like to include in your Call List. The number of contacts and hours to call* will auto-total on the top-left.

*Hours to call is based on an average of 5 minutes per call

4. Select ADD TO LIST. To add the selected contacts to an existing Call List, click on the Call List you’d like to add them to. To build a new Call List, select BUILD A NEW LIST.


5. Fill out the Call list name, description, and frequency. Click SAVE.


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