Create a Call List from a Contact Group/View | P&N

A Call List is a group of Contacts you want to call through. Apto allows you to create a call List multiple ways

  1. Manually by selecting each contact, you would like to add to a list
  2. Selecting groups and/or views that you have previously created
  3. Using Apto Maps to select contacts within a geographical area

In this article, we will discuss how to create a call list from your previously created groups and/or views.


How to Build a Call List

  1. From the Prospect & Nurture home page, select the Prospect + Nurture tab, then click BUILD A LIST.


  1. Your Contact Groups and Contact Views will display in a pop-up menu. Select the Groups or Views you’d like to include in your Call List. The number of contacts and hours to call* will auto-total on the right side. (*Hours to call is based on an average of 5 minutes per call.) Then, hit NEXT.



  1. Fill out Contact list name, description, and contact frequency. Click SAVE 



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