Customers experiencing issues with permissions, groups, or Apex Classes following the 7.38 update can self-install the 7.39 patch, which should resolve the majority of the known issues.

These steps only apply to customers with Apto ("Commercial Real Estate Broker" package) version 7.36 and above.

  1. Ensure you are logged in to your Apto account

  2. Open this link in a new tab:

    This link will prompt you to use your Apto credentials to log in again.

  3. Select Install for Admins Only, then check the "I acknowledge..." checkbox and click Upgrade.

    Check the "Yes, grant access..." checkbox and click Continue.

  4. The installer will take some time to complete. You'll receive a notice that it is taking a long time to upgrade - click Done to allow this to finish in the background. You will be returned to the Installed Packages section of the Setup screen in Apto.

  5. Refresh this page every five minutes until you can confirm the installed version of Commercial Real Estate Broker (published by McLabs, LLC) is 7.39.

  6. The final deployment step is assigning the new version 7.39 "Apto Full Access" permission set to all users.

    In the quick find search bar, type "permissions" and select Permission Sets from the narrowed list of menu items. Click on Apto Full Access, then Manage Assignments, then click Add Assignments.

    Select all users with the topmost checkbox next to "Action", click Assign, then click Done.

  7. Once you have completed the installation of version 7.39 and assigned the new Apto Full Access permission set, you will want to follow the Deployment Instructions to complete configuration of the new features in Apto 7.39:

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