1. Click the gear icon, located in the top right corner, and click on Setup.

  2. In the top left Quick Find, search for "gmail", and click on “Gmail Integration and Sync”.

  3. Click the switch button on the right to activate the Gmail Integration

  4. Download the Salesforce Gmail Chrome extension using the following link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/salesforce/jjghhkepijgakdammjldcbnjehfkfmha

  5. Log-in to the Salesforce chrome extension on the right side of your Gmail account with your Apto credentials.

Next, connect your Google Calendar with Apto using Einstein Activity Capture.

Original Article:
Jesse Clifford, Account Manager, July 2021
Last Reviewed:
Tyler Geddes, Customer Education Manager, November 2021

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