1. Click on the gear icon located in the top right corner and click on Setup.

  2. In the Quick Find search in the top left corner of your screen, type and click on “Users”.

  3. Click New User.

  4. Fill out the New User’s information. Select "Salesforce Platform" in the User License menu. Select the desired Profile Type for the new user, and click Save.

  5. In the Quick Find search, type "installed" and click on Installed Packages.

  6. Click on Manage Licenses to the left of “Commercial Real Estate Broker”.

  7. Click the check box for the user you would like to add, and click Add.

  8. Finally, click Save.

Original Article:
Jesse Clifford, Account Manager, July 2021
Last Reviewed:
Tyler Geddes, Customer Education Manager, November 2021

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